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The Highblood Slave
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Just a fantroll blog. Guaranteed NSFW, 100% trash. If you need something tagged let me know. My skype is kissme-kismesis, please include your URL when you add. Enjoy your stay.






=> You’re irritated. Clearly Alizar has never had any kind of stable relationship much less one of this caliber. Anger and doubt filled your mind as you got to work preparing the special meal you had painstakingly collected ingredients for. You texted Phelix. He always calmed you down. It was his job after all.

Maybe he just doesn’t know how to play the game you’re playing? Does he know it’s a game? 

You hadn’t really thought of that before. The idea that Alizar really might think you’re trying to own and control him seems like a ridiculous notion all around.  

You continue to make dinner, the smell of cooking troll meat filling the house. When the food was done you set the table and went back up the stairs to get Ali. you knocked before entering the room. 

"Alizar….Dinner is finished. I think you’ll enjoy it."

(( kissmekismesis))

He comes for you and you quickly dry your face and nod.

"Two minutes Signore, then I’ll be down, I’m going to splash my face with some water."

Once in the bathroom you wash your face, un-muss your hair, and blow your stuffy nose. Immediately you can smell something familiar, though you can’t place it. quickly, you wash your hands and meet him in the dinning area.

It can’t be. Could it? Did he? The smell brings back memories of your lusus, good memories.You get to him as fast as possible, wrapping your arms around him and hugging tightly. 

"Thank you."


27 seconds ago

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”See, I know this was a misunderstanding. I might not look like it but I’m actually a romantic. And having to say please.. felt kind of demeaning? Maybe it was the wording on the moment and the  fact I was feeling more  vulnerable than I’ve ever felt.. you know. I never been on the receiving end so it was kind of big for me. But… I wanted it… You are obtuse but I have my faults too.”

>You admit, averting your gaze momentarily.

”Didn’t want you to think I didn’t want you. You just gave me the opportunity to roll you over and pin you down. Of course I would take control.Being in control is my comfort zone.”

>Your fins flare a little as you gaze back at him.

"Let’s agree to stay in your comfort zone then. Until you’re ready. Untill we know how to read eachother. You’ll have to tell me when you want to try though. I like both, it’s not like I mind. I was confident I could seduce you."

You scratch the back of your head and look everywhere but directly at him. Both of your physical quadrants are intimidating as hell. 

"I need an outlet though Jailbird, my life is such turmoil right now, I need this, I want this to work. Never felt like this before."

You smile at the floor, sharp cat like fangs glistening, “You can try and pin me whenever you want.”

12 minutes ago

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You are quick to open for him, traits obviously tired and hesitant as you invite him in. You have your part of responsibility in this fiasco but so does he. You just hope this goes well because you barely ever hate anyone in a way that isn’t platonic. You don’t want to fuck this up. You swallow thickly as you lead him to your room. In case anything turns sour, you don’t want any of your employees to see this.

You sit on the edge of your bed, cheeks tingling.

”First of all, Im sorry. I acted like a princess.”

You pause.

”I probably should have told you how squeamish I am when it comes to submitting. Or how I expected it. You were doing fine, really, it’s just.. the begging. I don’t think I was or am ready to beg for something that actually terrifies me.”

And now you wait to see if he’s got anything to say.

You sigh. 

"I didn’t intend for you to beg, I didn’t think saying please was begging. I wanted to be sure, you to be sure before we went further. I’m sorry it felt demeaning. As a quad, I don’t want you to feel demeaned, or seriously hurt. Your over all wellbeing is important to me. I kinda just wanted to show you how nice it can be both ways. I’m Sorry Jailbird. Ali-cat can be a bit obtuse."

24 minutes ago



It takes all of five minutes to throw on something simple and transport to his hive. You really want this to go well, but you just can’t ever predict how he will react to you. Damn, you don’t even want the nook anymore.

You hesitate at the door for a good two or three minutes before knocking lightly.


41 minutes ago

# alizar# fashion idiots more like

videcoeur replied to your post “MM: I think we should talk, Ali. >many hours later”

MM: No, I think we need to meet and talk it out. I’m not breaking up with you. This is a mess and a big misunderstanding. I’m sure we’re civilized enough to discuss it. Please?

GS: Yes, of course I’ll meet with you. Where and when?

47 minutes ago

# videcoeur
MM: I think we should talk, Ali. >many hours later<

GS: What, you breakin’ up with me? I kinda figured that.

52 minutes ago

# Alizar# videcoeur

miraclegrowthtrolls replied to your post “miraclegrowthtrolls replied to your post “Dr.Tasmin Blaike is…”

im homeeeee!!!

Holmes ===> Frown at the human alien

"Fine. Submit your information and I will see that the Doctor receives it."

1 hour ago

# miraclegrowthtrolls

videcoeur reblogged your post and added:

”I did not say to force yourself on me, but what…

Alizar ===> Don’t be sorry

Stupid squid slurper, fine, be that way.

You wonder if you still have a kismate.

Some stability in your life would be nice

1 hour ago

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deepseadweller-domain replied to your post“deepseadweller-domain replied to your post “Dr.Tasmin Blaike is…”

Vannah ==> Just narrow your eyes at the loon. Why is he doing those odd gestures..

Holmes ===> Try a more regional dialect of miming. 

» Honestly, who don’t understand central alternian pantomime?

==> Scratch at your bandages thoughtfully as you watch the guy flail his arms and hands about.


=> Yeah he’s makin no sense to you

Holmes ===> Try smoke signals and drum beats

» Lord save us all, they think he’s a real doctor. He is—-BUT HE ISNT.

2 hours ago

nootnootfantrolls replied to your post “Dr.Tasmin Blaike is accepting applications for new patients Also,…”

touches him from a distance idk who i would put with him but do want


Homes ===> Get worked into a lather 

» You can’t save everyone

2 hours ago

# nootnootfantrolls

miraclegrowthtrolls replied to your post “Dr.Tasmin Blaike is accepting applications for new patients Also,…”

I offer myself as tribute but let me get home in like 20 minutes to message u lol

Holmes ===> Shake your head

» Why does no one listen to you?

2 hours ago

# miraclegrowthtrolls

deepseadweller-domain replied to your post “deepseadweller-domain replied to your post “Dr.Tasmin Blaike is…”

Vannah ==> Just narrow your eyes at the loon. Why is he doing those odd gestures..

Holmes ===> Try a more regional dialect of miming. 

» Honestly, who don’t understand central alternian pantomime?

2 hours ago

# deepseadweller-domain

Jet Black Payback


You are punched and thrown away rather easily, your back hitting the ground roughly. Blood spill from your nose and you’re still in shock, not knowing what the fuck just happened.

”What the hell was that for? You expect me to beg for my first time and I am the one going to get punched? I am the one acting like a wriggler on an ego trip? Did you consider maybe one second that I was already embarrassed to be on the ground for you, that I willingly parted my thighs and considered you and that maybe asking me to beg was a little bit TOO MUCH?” Your fins are fanning you rather hastily on each side of your face as you pick yourself up and  grit your teeth. That’s just humiliating now.

”Fuck if I know if I’m missing out. But alright. Fuck off. Where’s your transportalizer I’m getting out of here.” You feel shameful and somewhat betrayed. You’re probably going to get over it soon, but for now, you do feel like a wriggler.. You imagined your first time a lot more romantic, even with a black quad. You would have thought that maybe he would have just taken you and whispered how much he hated you. You’re rather sensitive about your nook or submitting after all, you thought he would have understand. ”Sorry if I didn’t sound confident enough in submitting, princess, to beg you to take me.” You whisper begrudgingly, crossing your arms over your chest and averting your gaze.

"Do you realize how good i was being to you? You expect me to push myself on you for your first time, no, I needed to know you were ready and wanted it. I spiked your drink, but I’m not a rapist. Check your ego and your pride, I know I sure as fuck did. Want me to whisper in your ear and walk you through it, I didn’t the closest fucking thing to it, appropriate to our quad."

You really don’t think you did anything wrong. Bitchy McFins if just being an egotistical brat.

"Transportalizer is to the left of the kitchen, don’t let the door hit you on the ass."

Ok that didn’t make a lot of sense, but you’re hurt too. You’er going to sit on the damn ground and stew till you’ve calmed down.

2 hours ago

# alizar# bitches

thepainifeelisnotreal replied to your post “Dr.Tasmin Blaike is accepting applications for new patients Also,…”

I would love to take his red But I don’t think any of my trolls would be tolerant enough Besides one Who is dead And has a mate

Count your blessings child, you’ve been spared. Halle-lou.



2 hours ago

# thepainifeelisnotreal

deepseadweller-domain replied to your post “Dr.Tasmin Blaike is accepting applications for new patients Also,…”

-stares from a distance-

Holmes ===> Pantomime staying at a safe distance, the man is insane, and obsessed with his hair.

» You were regional champion junior mime 3 sweeps in a row. You’re just that good.

2 hours ago

# deepseadweller-domain