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Just a fantroll blog. Guaranteed NSFW, 100% trash. If you need something tagged let me know. My skype is kissme-kismesis, please include your URL when you add. Enjoy your stay.




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This thread is the freaking best B)

I know, I love it! <3

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Sorry guys I don’t think replies, new threads or skype will happen tonight. Back with a vengeance tomorrow. Thanks for being patient with me.

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Hands/Feet References by *Kibbitzer

I hope this will help you! (more stuff here)


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Arquin is getting her pitch mac on and the character interaction is divine.

//vibrating intensifies//

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Night Life


To her credit, even if she doesn’t try all that hard, there is something downright alluring about her. For a seadweller, she’s got the body of a model, whereas you’re more in the realm of pagan fertility goddess. That’s not to say your envious of her, you like the way you look and wouldn’t change it in a heartbeat. You make a clear effort to admire her as she walks around, the small robe certainly shows off a few more traits.

"You haven’t kicked me out, sugar." You snicker, it’s really impossible to break down that ego of yours. Still, you give her a look of equal disdain when she kicks your feet of the table. It may be her hive, but the goal is to piss each other off, so you might as well take that for a victory. You take the bottle from her and take a healthy sip from it. Ugh, you were never one for sweeter drinks, but if the idea is to get drunk without realizing it, it’ll work.

"Really? What do you think is next?" You snap sarcastically, getting up  from the couch and taking the step or two before you’re right in front of her. Even if it is her first time, you’re not a patient one. You grab a handful of her robe, and pull her up to meet your eyes.

"This is the part where I kiss you." You speak softly for once, just enough so that she can hear you, and feel your breath brush on her lips. Then, just as quickly, you pull her towards you and connect your lips with hers. Hopefully she’s had at least some experience, you hate a bad kisser.

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Mel forgot to put a title


Smiling to him with quite extensive teal blush marking your face, you slowly lay back onto the cushions, caressing his hair tenderly. You didn’t think you’d ever really trust someone this much, but now you do it just about without hesitation. Times really have changed… and maybe you have too, in some small way.

"All ready for you, Jaimie… do it whenever you feel like it" you mutter softly, relaxing and leaning your head back somewhat to give him clear access to your neck. "It wasn’t so bad in last time either… Just have to make sure the bleeding can be stopped quickly enough afterwards."

He’s so warm and willing, how could you say no to such an offer? He is your new favorite flavor. Though you feel you owe him in return, maybe a little visual, some skin to hold onto while you feed.

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princeofdoomrps replied to your post “Rain and thunder, a very nice morning.”

i love that. i wish i had moved to the other part of washington cuz it’s barely rained here at all

I took a nap and now it’s nasty and steaming out there. Bah.

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princeofdoomrps replied to your post “drevec would you ever be up for a three-way with another troll with your delicious ‘cupcake’ of a spade?”

it’s odd that anon called him cupcake…. anon are you confused?

I thought so too. Delicious…cupcake…beats me. //drev eyeball roll//

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drevec would you ever be up for a three-way with another troll with your delicious 'cupcake' of a spade?

"No. He’s MY spade. What he does in the flushed realm is his business. I’ll have you know I have a mate, fidelity is important to me."

"Y’all need to back the fuck up off my heifer."

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EG: I don't know what that is either. EG: YOU'RE MAKING FUN OF ME TOO I CAN FEEL IT >:( #terrible friend

GS: What? No!

GS: I’m not making fun of you, Daph. Just playing.

GS: You /are/ delicious. Just come over, I’ll show you.

GS: Honest, not jacking with you.

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why must u torture this poor boy asdfgh

it’s what he does //nods serenely//

Wanna start up a thread?

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Night Life


At this point it’s almost comical, she’s doing everything you want her to, and yet keeps pretending like it’s her own, rebellious decision. It’s like talking to a wiggler, it really is. You barely bat an eye as she gets up, gathers what little clothes she had managed to remove, and- this is the really hilarious part- asks you to follow her, up to her hive, where she says blatantly she’s going to take a shower. You weren’t asking for an invitation, but you sure as hell got one.

Of course, you don’t follow her right away, and you don’t say anything. So, you guess you give her one small part of what she wanted, but it’s only fair. You’re going to teach her why she should be the one listening to you, and you have it on good authority she’s not going to resist for terribly long.

You know where she’s going, and you don’t need to be less than a good few yards behind her to follow her there. Standing up against the door after she shuts it, you wait until you hear the sound of running water before you slip inside- quietly.

First thing’s first, it may be her hive, but you take the dress she tossed aside and stash it somewhere unorthodox- don’t want her getting too comfortable again. While she’s showering, you undo the bun in your hair, and toss aside your small jacket. You find a mirror, and wipe off the blood on your face, taking the time to fix your makeup slightly, and make sure that the skimpy shirt and shorts you’re wearing show off as much as possible.

You doubt she has any wine, or booze at all up here, so you find a couch, or chair- somewhere comfortable to sit down. Needless to say, if there’s a coffee table, your feet are on top of it.

You can’t be sure over the noise of the shower, but you think she did indeed follow you home. Good, it’s about time she listened to something, anything you’ve said. 

Exiting the shower, you don’t do much to make yourself presentable, though you do make an effort.  Black and purple bra and panties under a black silk robe that hits mid thigh, pink tinted lip gloss, and a spritz of lightly scented lilac perfume are as good as it gets for now. You unwind the braid and let your waist length hair cascade down your back. Not the picture of purity or overtly provocative, perfect.

You pad to the living area, barefoot, and find her on the couch with her sandy feet on the coffee table, you scowl and turn toward the kitchen, removing a bottle of cotton candy vodka from the freezer and taking a swig. Nerves. Walking to her, you kick her feet off and toss her the bottle. You settle into the opposite end of the couch and extend your legs toward her.

"Good to know you come when called," you smirk.

She’s done her own touch ups and you try not to stare at her barely covered body. All that creamy pale skin is distracting. Her hair is down as well, to beautiful effect. Ok, now you’re nervous. It’s infuriating how easily she gets under your skin, be it by comments, actions, or enticing looks. You hate, and simultaneously enjoy, the way she makes you feel. 

"Ok. So. I’ve never done this before, but you piss me off something fierce. Ah, w-w-what’s next?" 

Your bag of tricks ran dry after your last stunt. Sad but true. 

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Akhena: Drag your moirail to his health specialist/flush crush


"The first sounds terrific, Tasmin," you say a little groggily. You smile a little at his touch. You accept the hot tea, keeping your face over the steam for a while.

"I’m ok just a little sleepy still. Getting stuffy I guess. Nothing else too bad."

You have some tea and sit in silence for a bit, watching him when your glasses aren’t fogged.

"How are you feeling?"

You know he’s a doctor, it’s his job to take care of patients and you’re one of his patients. But you want him to be ok too.


"I can give you something for your nose, or apply more balm if you’d like, or both. You really should rest as much as possible, better to sleep these things off."

You’re happy he’s pleased with the tea, being lightly sweetened with honey it should ease his throat.

"Me? I’m doing fine. A little sleepy, but not stuffy," you smile and pat his thigh.

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Dinner and a Dragon


"If you tell me it’s trashy, it just makes me want to read it more." She gave a little half smile and worked her way over to him. "You should have said it was moderately successful and simply left it at that.  Now I -have- to find a copy of it." 

You were a little shit at times, but only to trolls that you warmed up to.  Moving over to him, she extends a hand and rests it on his elbow like he’s about to escort her into a ballroom of some sort.  Her other hand slips out the bag that held her little offering, stroking the fabric a bit nervously.

You lead her to the basement and through the tunnel which opens to Flick’s lair. The cave is well lit with the battery operated lusus lanterns you installed. The lanterns are based on voice recognition and programed to a turn off and on  to a specific vocalization by the dragon. 

Bones and marble are piled high in every corner and cranny; bones of all shapes, sizes, and species, marble of all colors, sizes, and finishes. A large nest of smooth marble pebbles lays at the center of the cave. Flick sits just to the left of his nest.

You’ve always thought your lusus was rather regal looking, something he agrees with. He is covered in black scales with a stripe of blue and grey along his back and tail. His wings, folded back at the moment, are strong and leathery. Piercing light blue eyes, with slitted pupils and black sclera, stare intently at the two of you. The dragon, the size of a massive elephant, cocks his head in greeting.

"Flick I’d like you to meet Candie. Candie this is my lusus Flick."

You nudge her and her offering toward the dragon.

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